Wisconsin’s TruCannaBliss Educates Customers About Benefits

Legalization of the use of cannabis whether for recreational or medical purposes in several states in the US has definitely opened up possibilities for introducing a new type of business for entrepreneurs to jump in. Many companies like FSD Pharma are opening up research facilities, manufacturing locations, cannabis production centers, and even cannabis retailer dispensaries due to this type of freedom in certain states. Hopefully the rest of the country will join in, but a slow and steady process by the government can do some good with that. One of those stores was TruCannaBliss from the state of Wisconsin.

Cannabis dispensary owner, Ostaveeya Tye, talked about her previous job before taking on TruCannaBliss. Before opening the shop, she entered the hemp industry on the growing and processing side before she went into retail. She then partnered with individuals and then obtained grower and processor licenses from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for the state’s inaugural 2018 hemp pilot program. They then explored this venture in a small greenhouse in Milwaukee.

The group that Tye joined did not have a goal to mass produce or sell cannabis at that time. Since cannabis was still a new industry, they just wanted to see the process and experiment to find the best way to do things. These days there are now more resources available to assist those who are still new to the hemp industry like social media groups where they can get advice and learn lessons from the masters. Now they tweak the process of growing their crops and now this year they now have some plants to harvest. They sell their flowers or buds at TruCannaBliss.

With Tye’s knowledge of finance and health care, it provided her with a foundation for hemp entrepreneurship. The problem was that cannabinoids are unknown at this point compared to the financial industry that has firm guidelines and strict regulations in place. She noted that the cannabidiol or CBD industry is all over the place and ever-changing. There not even a lot of regulations or just one right way to do things.

The cannabis shop TruCannaBliss has a variety of products like tinctures, gummies, topical creams, pain salves, and vapes. Even the gummies have a vegan variety. The TruCannaBliss full-spectrum tincture is made with CBD flower grown at their greenhouse and then processed by an out-of-state lab. They even have their own line of salves and lotions for purchase. They also have other CBD brands like Endoca, Charlotte’s Web, Hemp for Wealth, MedHemp, and Hemp for Fitness.

Tye explained that they try to carry unique products in addition to their stock of typical oils and salves. They offer a CBD-infused breast balm that specifically treats individuals who have breast cancer. They also try to have different cannabinoids like cannabigerol or CBG and cannabichromene or CBC. These substances can work better for individuals who have severe conditions or inflammatory problems like neuropathy.

TruCannaBliss carries 35 different strains of smokable CBD flower and some of them are grown in their own greenhouse. The staff allows their customers to sample the flower and provide a synopsis as to how it worked for them. They then provide samples of other CBD products to the customers and encourage them to give feedback.

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