The Spiritual Significance Of Cannabis In Religious Rituals

The legalization of cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes, has spread to a few countries, especially in the US. 30+ states have legalized medical cannabis while 11 states have legalized recreational cannabis and many more states are interested in following. The products that are popular though are for adult-use and medical purposes. Some use them to treat their chronic pain, lessen the symptoms of traumas, PTSD, help relax, and more. It is a modern treatment and pleasure for the modern society. Some, however, have forgotten that cannabis has been used for another purpose in the past, in ancient past actually.

There are people who remember, but only a few of them know that cannabis has been a vital item used for spiritual rituals, calling spirits, talking to the gods, and anything supernatural. It was needed in order to connect to the spiritual realm, but if it were to be translated into the modern world, it would induce them into a hallucinatory state. In ancient times, it was a sacred ritual and it sometimes was part of very important decisions. Some even depicted these sacred rituals in movies and TV series.

Cannabis has been used as an entheogen, which is what they called it that was used in religious or spiritual rituals. The Indian continent used this since the Vedic period dating back to approximately 15000 BCE. Some even say that it goes way back as 2000 BCE. There are other races that have used cannabis for rituals as well. Some use it for shamanic and pagan cultures. It allows the consumer to think about the religious and philosophical subjects related to the tribe or society. Some use it for enlightenment, to unlock unknown facts and realms of the human mind and subconscious. Some even use it to make many groups of people get into the mood, who are participants in ritual orgies. It was some sort of aphrodisiac, which is actually kind of true as a cannabis property.

In western countries in the past like ancient Greece, it was used to remove one’s anguish and sorrow. There were evidences that the Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec cultures used cannabis together with other psychoactive items like magic mushrooms, peyote, and other weird plants for cultural shamanic and religious rituals. There were even ancient Mexican-Indian communities that used it for religious ceremonies. They leave the plants on church altars and the attendees would just use them.

There was also evidence that it was used in Ancient China. The Chinese medical and Taoist practitioners used hemp’s psychoactive properties for medical purposes. Some even say that induced mystical effects on the body, which were really the health benefits the cannabis has like pain relief, relaxation of muscles, calming the mind, and more. For the ancient medical and spiritual practitioners, these were highly effective benefits that were highly recommended.

Life in ancient history might have been leaning more on the mystical or supernatural, but it did take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis on their own way. Today, they are kind of following what the ancients did but with modern technology and knowledge.

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