Day One Legalizing Recreational Cannabis In Illinois Spawns Long Lines

It is the start of the New Year 2020 and with that happening a new beginning is happening in Illinois. A new legislation has taken effect in the state, which is the legalization of recreational cannabis, which became effective at midnight, Jan. 1.

Long lines of enthusiasts of recreational marijuana and also the curious ones can be seen in many cannabis dispensaries all over Illinois. One of those approved dispensaries is the Verilife Marijuana Dispensary located at 161 S. Lincolnway. Those who wanted to buy the cannabis products wasted no time and lined up right away before it opened at 9 AM.

One of the customers commented that there will be a lot of people buying in the first few weeks or so. He thinks that as the months go by, the numbers will lessen. He also stated that in time, people will get over this new hype and hopefully the sales will help the state out in terms of its debt.

General manager Joe Hall has promised the customers that the staff ready for sales would likely be at least five to ten times greater than sales of medicinal marijuana. He also revealed that the facility has hired a lot of people over the past several months to prepare for this moment.

Hall stated that they have hired about 20 people and might even need more as the days go by. The staff is anticipating a big crowd that will hopefully wind around the back, not the front of the building. He did say that the supplies are getting harder to come by but they are doing the best they can to service their customers.

Most dispensaries have contracted with nearly every grower in the state for their products. Security measures were in place regarding the sale of the recreational cannabis products, including scanners that would validate identification cards like drivers’ licenses.

Verilife marketing director Megan Ogden stated that the facility would be selling 20 to 30 products and the supplies were tight, but they are in a good position. The product sales would include up to 7 grams of flower parts, 500 milligrams of edibles, and 5 grams of concentrates.

Ogden assured that the facility has started acquiring supplies as far as last November 2019, depending on when the facilities got their licenses. They expected a big crowd since it is going to be a historic day for Illinois.

Police officers stated that the traffic and pedestrian plans were made six months before legalization day. They have expected huge crowds that will continue to increase, as customers parked blocks away and continued to walk towards the dispensaries.

Some people think of this as a historic day and some even just want to observe what is going on from a sociological point of view. They are hoping that this will result in something good for the state since it has a lot of financial issues right now. Some people live close by these dispensaries so they are curious on what is going on.

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