Cannabis Strains To Try Out This Year 2020

Cannabis has become the biggest craze just recently due to its legalization in several countries whether for medical or recreational use. In the US, several states have legalized cannabis as well, but only a few of them have done it for recreational use. The recent one to do so was Illinois last January and had insurmountable flow of customers due to its popularity and how it was advertised. Medicinal use is still going steady with its demand because of the many patients who have conditions that need its treatment and health benefits. Canadian companies like FSD Pharma are currently devoting themselves to research and development of new medicinal products derived from cannabis.

This is the reason why cultivators are trying different kinds of original strains and making hybrids among them to create the perfect strain with its own unique effects and also to make a more popular version and rake in more profits. This year 2020, there are already several new strains that are making heads turn.

Check out some of the best cannabis strains out there this year.


Runtz is a new strain created by the famous Cookies Family. It is a hybrid cross between Zkittlez and Gelato that introduces a somewhat sweet and sugary taste, just like what the mixed strain names. It also smells fruity with colors that range from rich purple to lime green. Many customers note that it has a creamy smoke that feels smooth and euphoric that gives an elevating high that lasts for hours. People feel uplifted, relaxed, and creative after consuming this type of strain. It helps mostly with stress, anxiety, and depression. It has a small side effect of dry mouth though. On a certain website, it became the 14th most popular strain in less than a month.

Peanut Butter Breath

The Peanut Butter Breath is a different take on the original Mendo Breath, which has roots in OGKB. It has a frosty and dank taste with a nutty smell that has garnered it many fans now. It is a cross of the Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath F2. It has a warning for consumers that only those who have high THC-tolerance can purchase this from dispensaries due to its nature. The Michigan breeder, Thug Pug Genetics, claims to be the ones who have created it, but it has already sold seeds to the public so it is kind of vague now.

Vanilla Frosting

The Vanilla Frosting strain was created by the Happy Dreams Farm cultivators. It is a cross of Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3 and was designed to be the better version of the various Gelato lines from the last few years. The buds of this strain would grow dense with silvery green flowers that are accented with hints of purple. It has the smell of vanilla with a gassy finish. It is a high-potency strain so caution is given to the customer before purchasing. There is also a variation of it as seeds, which allows customers to grow their own at home.

These are just the top popular strains this 2020 that many cannabis enthusiasts would seek out. There are a few more out there, waiting to be cultivated and discovered so we will have to wait by the end of this year for late bloomers.

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